The project is set in the 22nd Century where viruses are spreading rapidly on earth, induced by the overpopulation. Many people are fighting for survival, doctors as well as scientist are finding it hard to find a cure. The virus is developed from dead corpse as they decay. The more people die, the quicker it spreads. On top of that, due to environmental issues, the amount of land that human can live has diminished tremendously. There is not enough land for the living, what else the dead?

Our proposal suggests a solution where the moon could be a place for the deceased. This is as the moon has no oxygen which prevents the body from decaying. There will be proposed research labs where researchers can continue find cures in a fast pace without having to worry about the condition of the bodies. Accommodation for the researches will be allocated as the starting point for the further expansion, into a city on the moon. Assuming transportation to the space is advanced in the future, families and friends can travel to moon and visit their loved ones every time they wanted to. The moon then turns into an eternal resting area.

On the moon, the bodies would be stored beneath 3D printed regolith structures to prevent it from being damaged by the UV light / meteoroids. Through a system, the bodies will be surfaced whenever there is visitation. The cemetery themed space architecture also provides facilities and spaces for those who lost their loved ones to heal and mourn in peace, away from the chaos on earth.

Mankind would return and continue to live on earth as the moon cannot sustain too many lives yet. Leaving the moon and accepting one’s death is the last stage of grief. With the moon as a permanent cenotaph on the sky whereby one can always looks up and catch the glimpse of the thin beam shooting into the cosmos – that reminds them of the long journey to the moon and reminds them that the deceased one will be kept safe in the moon.

This is a story about Sara, her mother, the earth and the moon.