The Homestead Living Module (HLM) is designed to meet the basic physical and emotional needs of Martian colonists by providing a secured physical environment safe from the harsh Martian climate that also offers feelings of home and community. Having no access to large, outdoor nature filled spaces, Martian colonists need their environment to provide a sense of indoor as well as outdoor, offering refuge and prospect from a number of locations.

The HLM is designed to be located within local rock beds to provide added protection from solar radiation and to take advantage of thermal mass. The central courtyard is carved out followed by the individual unit spokes. A central pillar carrying mechanicals / electrical rises to a geodesic dome that provides light for plant growth. A sweeping brush rotates around the dome’s exterior to clear debris left by strong Martian winds. Off site wind turbines harness energy for light when storms make direct light unavailable.

Construction of the HLM is intended to make use of naturally occurring materials within the Martian environment. Volcanic basalt taken from site construction can be used for decorative elements. Given Mars’s inability to growth wood and fibers large scale, metals take a more visible role in everything from architectural elements to furniture frames.