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Does it make sense to start a new civilization without changing our way of thinking and living? We are living in a time, in which our dependence upon technology is spoiling our personal relationships. On top of that, climate change and pollution are destroying our planet. But no one is stopping it.

Wake up! Don’t you realize that you cannot live twice?

Our proposal consists on establishing a colony in the Moon, in which everything revolves around the quality of the human relationships and the connection with the environment. We will achieve this by constructing a common space in the shape of a greenhouse that has the optimal conditions for human life, that promotes natural life, which the Moon doesn’t have yet. Because our goal is to foster personal relations, we will reduce the size of the apartments while reinforcing the common spaces.

To imitate the breathing and temperature conditions similar from the Earth, we will create an artificial atmosphere which will be fed from the exterior, whenever necessary, thanks to specialized vehicles. Light and water are essentials to the development of life, so we will introduce them artificially through the inferior central space, the same way as with the atmosphere.

Our initial colony will be formed by approximately a 100 people, but, as everything will be strictly modulated, it could be enlarged according to the needs of the population and without a specific shape. The whole complex will be built with prefabricated materials from the Earth which will then be assembled on the Moon, depending on the colony’s needs. These materials will be: steel for the structure, concrete foundations adaptable to the ground (prefabricated), polyester for the households and for the boxes, in which we will put the plant soil, and an inflatable plastic sheet around the building.

We intend to act with the maximum respect and we would like to have a minimized intervention, the contrary of what has happened in the Earth. We will not attempt to conduct any permanent changes on the Moon. We will do this by not penetrating the crust, but working on the surface, allowing a passable space under our greenhouse.

Don’t you think this make sense?