Life needs water, and Mars has a lot of water.
Once melt the ice on the poles, water will flood all the planet.
Life needs Mars? Mars needs life?
The first step is to place two huge green-house domes on the north and the south pole to increase temperature and pressure.
A forced local warming is caused and the water spreads towards until equatorial regions.
After this, temperature, pressure, climate, atmosphere must be controlled.
This would possible by creating different domes on the surface of Mars, but this would generate “livable areas” (under the dome) and “unlivable areas” (out of the domes).
The only possible goal is to make livable the entire planet, so a huge dome that envelope the all globe is needed.
The “Hyper-Dome”, built up by a sequence of domes, envelopes the entire globe, and literally flies without touching the ground. It creates an eco-system, settle atmosphere, control climate, temperature and pressure.
The “Hyper-Dome” is complex in its structure and in its components.
The structure is realized for subsequent structures and lies suspended in orbit.
Its skin, made with different membranes, controls a forced positive global warming to guarantee human conditions.
Mars is livable. Its landscape is adapt for human life.
Mars needs life? Mars deserves life ..Mars deserves the Hyper-Dome.