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There are legends about the pyramids in the world being made by the aliens. Maybe these aliens were the Martians. This is how it was thought for a long time. So, why shouldn’t we do the first pyramids in the Mars? We are aliens for the Martians.

From this legend, the pyramids in the world gave us an important clue, the pyramid is the structure that will be easiest to do when there are few possibilities. Yes, the Egyptians did not have the technology at their time and they built it as the pyramid, which is the simplest form of making a giant. Since we also have limited possibilities on the planet Mars, making the simplest construction, pyramid, is make sense.

An isolated environment is necessary to survive on Mars. 95% carbon dioxide in dense quantities in the atmosphere, so radiation is dominant, average temperature is -63 °C. Considering all these factors, a closed space requirement arises. It should be closed but at the same time the sunlight should be able to get in so, the sun can grow plants with the rays, so oxygen can be produced. It’s kind of greenhouse environment. It’s a shell that’s different from the outside and protecting from the outside. At first, the glass is come to our mind but producing the glass is hard in the Mars. Then we’re searching for the matter easiest to find in the Mars, it is ice. It is being found a lot in underground. The ice passes the sunlight but it doesn’t pass the radiation. It creates a bright and allows us to build relationship with the environment. Well then how do we provide the ice? We will reach the ice layer in the underground and we will outcrop the ice by liquefying. We will inject the unheated state to pyramid skeleton and wait for it to freeze. Because of the weather is already cold it will freeze quickly. So, with the limited opportunities we can build the giant pyramids that the Egyptians build with limited opportunities on the Mars.

The first pyramids on Mars will be building by the aliens who came from the Earth 🙂