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Compared with Earth, The Moon has extreme external environment. So consideration about sequential development is indispensable. On the basis of “laboratory”, which is our main program, we establish a link between “phased development” and “proliferation of research facility”. Based on it, we propose “proliferation of module.” Our project has a purpose, as an alternative of how we start “architecture” on the Moon from a micro-perspective. Another one is, through extension based on a rule, constructing huge laboratories, huge buildings and huge city from macro-perspective. This project will be a “Fountainhead”, starting point of a lake, furthermore the ocean on the Moon.
Prime issue to consider when we do space architecture, including the Moon, is protection us from external environment like cosmic rays, solar heat, etc. So we make people be free from external constraints by structure with photovoltaic panels that cover the top. Also, we construct free spaces under the panels with variable walls and it become flexible form. Thanks to this form, we can take efficiency on volume per area and make better use of inside spaces. We minimize contact with external environment by taking composition that each module shares facade.(It’s not a formation of individual unit, it’s proliferation)

To make use of spaces efficiently as previously stated, we use hexagonal columns basically. But because of Airlock, connection between each module and flow of human, we design a form, combined with tetragon and triangle. Spaces by hexagonal columns are used for main program. Spaces by tetragon and triangle forms have flexible open and shut depending on each development stage and situation. So they are used for airlock, flow of human, sometimes main program.

Main program is composed of laboratories of biology, physics, geology and chemistry, power plants for supply of energy, factory for expansion of laboratories, living spaces and control tower, which supervise all spaces. Each program can change its position consistently, depending on development stage(expansion) of each module. We facilitate shifting in each program by using regular placement of modules and open and shut of spaces by tetragon and triangle forms as previously stated. Consequently, we can arrange power plants and control tower to the prime position. Also we think that we can take the best organization in each development phase by reflecting individual expansion of programs or demand for need of new place. There is a reason for we choose a program, “laboratory” is that we think “research” must be preceded to construct “Moon Colony.” Therefore, we expect this huge laboratory(or research complex) can be a source of technology, information, furthermore development of the Moon.