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Moon, the last stop before mars. It would have the perfect conditions to supply any rocket going to Mars with the future Mars residents. Unfortunately it’s not prepared yet but the lunar base that we will show now will the necessary conditions. Crater rim near the lunar North Pole will be the best location. Near constant sunlight. The base will be brought from earth in one unit and only waiting to land to start in operation. The staff will be of 4 permanent residents. They will operate a four floor space station. The moon doesn’t guarantee a life support of any kind, so the ship will have to guarantee it all. In case there is no supply from earth. In the first floor, it will be granted space for cleaning, sleeping and planting. There will be no windows. In the 2 floor there will be a leisure space for eating and sporting. The bicycles are installed in a way that will allow all exercise to be done, seeing the moon surface as a challenge. But also, these bicycles will allow charging the batteries of the space ship. This food area can be the best tourist area for visitors. Imagine going to the moon to have lunch or dinner seeing the best view of all: blue planet earth. Or cocking in low gravity. Lot of studies about cooking in space and provide the resources to travel far from earth. In the 3 floor it will be the control & exploration room. From here all crew and guests will be able to look at the stars, do photographic and astronomy exploration. Contact with planet earth and for the guests, have a sweet sleep with the stars. The chairs will turn into a nice bed. Now to travel on the moon, the best will be with the moon elephant. It will be a closed car, with direct access from the space ship. This will avoid dressing space suits to leave the ship. Safety comes first. Since sun light is not always available and since gravity is 83.3% less than on earth, humans will be able to paddle the moon elephant like a bicycle. But only when it runs out of batteries! Also, the moon elephant will be used to prepare the surface for new ships arriving and collect, with their hidden arms, rocks and other objects for study. The space ship in the GF will be a technical area with oxygen, fuel and water tanks and access hatch to the moon elephants. In this level, there will be access also doors on the sides to telescopic jet bridges to connect between other space ships landed in the nearby area. This will allow connecting between ships, letting people to move easier between the spaceships without exiting to the dangerous outside environment.