A New Suggestion of Inhabiting in a Tube:

The Moon’s surface gravity is only one-sixth the Earth’s and with its consequently lower escape velocity, the Moon can not maintain a significant atmosphere. Lacking an atmospheric buffer, the Moon has a surface temperature that varies over several hundred degrees celsius during the course of a lunar day/night cycle. Another result of lack of atmosphere on the moon, the Moon’s surface exposed to radiation and meteoroids. Radiation, meteroids and the extreme temperature range mandate the use of sealed and thermally insulated enclosures. On the other hand, compared to the Earth, the Moon is geologically inactive. VoIcanism and internally generated seismic activity are almost nonexistent. As a result of all these features, the Project is located in lunar lava tubes to create permenant habitats. Because lunar lava tubes provide a safe haven from all these hazardous environmental conditions. On the contrary of moon surface, in lava tubes average temperature is more stable (around −23 °C /−9 °F) and much more livable during day/night periods, and also lava tubes have an opportunity to be a natural buffer zone from the radiations and meteroids danger.

The spaces shaped in a harmony with the lava tubes which expose a natural improvement [formation of lunar lava tubes ], habitats placed in balloons which come side by side organically. These singular common spaces meet the common areas which provide common necessities of public.

Today we as a human have a common beauty understanding, likewise some rates of beauty [ 1,6 ] is mostly acceptable ratio to feel comfortable in it. On the moon, these acceptances might be change in time with the moon experiences. Therefore, the system that is suggested, adopt like these new approaches [form related organisation]. First colonies would have some prejudice and perceptions – the earthman habits – it is curtain that these praxis become change and humans will be more moonman, furthermore people start to recognise their new habitation and spaces will come with the new transformation ideas. Lava cities organised by taking into this consideration. It is severability and appendable. Furthermore, lava cities have a future scenario which spread to the whole moon lunar lava tubes in time, with new colonisations. Every lava tubes will be a beginning of the new moon cities.

The suggestion is designed for people habitation and for some space researchs. The system sustain itself; the resource tower provide the system’s main energy from the sun; thanks to sun panels which covered most part of the tower’s top system could live in a cycle. Agricultural activities and planting for oxygen is also related with sun, so these functions located just top of the tower. Oxygen that we get from plants has a circulation way to reach habitation parts of the spaces. Moreover, moon soil has some nitrogen, water and minerals in it, it is used as a discomposed form for human.