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This memorial is not only an area of light and safety, but also a special place of mourning. It is located in an old lava hole, near the Marius hills, which is safe against impact, temperature and rays. The lava hole is occupied with big reflective boards hanging in a web-like network. The reflective boards let the light flow into the darkness of the lava hole. The light then shines into the building of memorial where it is collected on the first board. The positions of the reflective objects are installed to work during the time between 12 am and 1 pm only.

The reflective boards include boxes of glass urns which start glowing when lit. Each board includes up to 30 urns which react to the flow of light as it passes through. The lava hole turns into a glowing network during the day. This spectacular happening touches the hearts of the members of the family and acts as a special last moment to see the urn. The memorial building itself gives an overview of the area because it is located on the border line of the old lava hole. Three sculptural forms build the memorial, but just one of these lacy forms is open to the family member – the form that rises over the lava hole.

The two others help with compacting the light with mirrors and well chosen ports. The clearness and dimension of the moon memorial helps to underline the unique feeling of the midday event. The colour of the memorial is light grey because it shouldn’t divert members from their feelings and the light. Also it is conservative – it stays in contrast to the main point (the glowing urns) in the boards, which hang within this network. Finally, the most important idea that I tried to convey is the idea that ‘the end of life’ and that the darkness of the hole, is not the end –there will always be a way out of it, symbolised by the flow of light.