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More than two thirds of human body is water. And more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. There is no doubt about why water is one of the most important elements on Earth. All creatures must have water to survive.

Water has been explored and utilized in various ways. Wherever and whenever we discover a new planet, we would seek for a hint of life, a trace of water. As recently it’s been proved that there is ice water on the moon, humankind believes that our dreams may come sooner or later.

There are basically three states of water; liquid, solid, and gas. Anyway there is another special property of water that is mostly liquid but behave like solids, called “GEL.” Due to a three-dimensional cross-linked network within the liquid, gel has unique properties. Gel is therefore introduced as a design solution to the moon condition’s problem.

As it is soft but tough with special molecular structure, gel could be functioned as an air-lock transitional passage, could protect the shelter from asteroids by lowering crashing forces, could provide temperature insulation, and could absorb many tons of water.

This new Moon colony is the design that belongs to the Moon and never exist on Earth. The houses are built from “gel,” which its chemistry composition or gel powder is brought from Earth and then activated with water on the Moon. Together with other Moon’s compositions such as Titanium, Silica, Aluminum, etc., the light membrane can be built by a robotic arm to create a shelter beneath the gel structure. The gel structure itself is functioned as a large water tank, connected by oxygen generator transferring and balancing the amount of water and oxygen.

It is crucial that the main task of our first Moon colony is mining in order to get sufficient water for oxygen generating, and also sufficient sources for construction. Another important task is a spaceport, where astronauts can stop by to refuel the spacecraft with Helium, the future energy that can be mined from the Moon, before continuing their flight to Mars or other planets. And one possible task is a touristic place for humankind, why not.

This gel-structural shelter would be only existing on The Moon, appropriated to Moon’s conditions. This Moontopia is an ideal colony where has sufficient water, food, and oxygen by ice water mining. Also it is economic sufficient by Titanium and Helium mining, in order to support the spaceport and why not sell to mankind on Earth.