Reflecting on our origins as a hunter-gather species, a nomadic existence, once vital to the survival of our ancestors, may prove instrumental in establishing a foothold on new worlds. Our nearest neighbor, the Moon, was the first to feel our steps, but the stay was brief. No air in the sky, no soil to cultivate, scattered resources and the specter of a dark cold night lasting so much longer than we care to bear, of course we couldn’t remain for very long. Still, our nature as explores beckons, and in resolving the obstacle of how to stay, the answer, paradoxically, may be by not.

Luna Latro is a proposal for a lunar colony on the move. Bound to no one place, of inherent resource limitation, extreme temperature fluctuation, this colony runs on the rays of the sun to continuously circumnavigate the light side of the moon. Much like the nomads of our past, it stays lean, relying only on what can be carried along the way. Its composition is not a large complex housing an accumulation of survival necessities, but a robotic swarm, where individuals specialize, components interchange, and tasks are carried out through the interaction of multiple actors. Instead of living under a dome or beneath the dust, colonists navigate the lunar seas, learning from and building on a barren landscape while establishing a foothold for future inhabitants.