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The purpose of Lunimmerse is to present an experience of immersive theatre, based at the Apollo 11 landing site, in the Sea of Tranquillity. The target audience would be theatregoers, wanting to experience a new age for the theatre industry. As well as attracting theatregoers, it appeals to thrill-seekers, because the full experience of the journey to the moon would produce adrenaline.

The Lunimmerse site is the first area of the moon ever landed on by human beings. I feel this site is perfect for the idea of a celebration for achieving the lunar landing back in 1969. It also helps to replicate the emotions that the astronauts felt. My space has been extruded in different ways, which took shape on the path that Armstrong walked.

Preceding surface landing, the users would ascend the elevator shaft to the vantage point; to be briefed of the journey they are about to embark. On approaching the vantage point the user will be able to view the entirety of the site, including the obvious shape that took form from Armstrong’s pathway. Some users may feel overwhelmed from the impressive size of the site, and the idea that they are on the moon.

The users would be lead down a series of ramps until the reach the Forest Circuit. The users would walk around the perimeters, in order to observe fibre optic forest, chosen because of its illuminative qualities, to represent stars in the universe. I will use coloured lighting created by the fibre optic trees to enhance the atmosphere. For example, the use of the colour red will make the space become quite advancing and aggressive, in contrast a grey or cool white lighting would create a misty, relaxed atmosphere to enter around.

On following the dominant path, the user emerges into the Amphitheatre, where a more elaborate continuation of theatre production would happen. The Amphitheatre makes use of a 30 metre wide pre-existing circular crater.

The journey back allows the user to reflect on their experience, walking on the opposing straight lined path to observe the landscapes from a different perspective.

Post reflection, users are able to retire to The Pod, an exclusive hotel featuring only six rooms specifically for the guests of the experience.

The height differentiations make it impossible to travel through different levels unless going via the designated route; this is a chosen effect because it is the sequence in which Armstrong took. Lunimmerse in its 3D volumes, although it contains separate areas, appears to be a fluid form.

I will use the lunar rock and other existing material to create the large structures. The vantage point will be raised from the moons surface, using the truth to materials, because of its authentic lunar materials under the users feet. This material continues throughout the space, for example it is also used on the ramps. The use of timber and glass will also be contained around The Pod.

This site proposes to be experimental, innovative and modern, truly a once in a lifetime experience, what better place for immersive theatre?