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Markadia is the future of mars habitat and exploration. The concept of Markadia is gradually Terra-form mars and populate mars over time. We humans have polluted earth that the time has come to start counting years of the plant. As per NASA mars is habitable using skill-set of humans of polluting the plant. Thus, the planet will be habitable. The process is called as Terra-forming. This will make the atmosphere thicker and the planet hotter, turning Mars gradually into Earth.

The settlement of Markadia is based on the concept of an atom. As atom is the smallest part of any component, similarly Markadia is the self-sustaining small component in making the mars a habitable environment for humans. The nucleus of this city is the tree of life having pods for human habitat and mars exploration and research centers along with small urban spaces. The nucleus is surrounded by four k-shells of urban spaces, agriculture, industrial and future expansion space, making it a self-sustaining atom.

The most important part of Markadia is the tree of life to which is half above ground and half underground. The atmosphere of mars is thin due to low magnetic field hence the radiation is stronger than on earth. Even though with the planning of terra-forming, to protect humans from this harsh radiation the habitat is placed under ground levels. The pod will be attached to as per the increasing population of the atom. These pods are 3d printed using sandstone and olivine crystals. The tree of life is surrounded by urban spaces giving them more spaces for human interaction. A human on mars might suffer from insomnia, emotional isolation, behavioral issues, boredom and depression. This urban space shall connect the human with outside world of mars which can make them feel connected to earth due to same sol and day system. The second tier is of agriculture. The dome protects these tiers as there is lack of oxygen outside. The industrial is outside as the harmful gases need to be left in atmosphere to make it thick.

The dome will be supplied with oxygen. The agriculture will create oxygen cycle. The industries will heat the ice found underground which will supply water to Markadia. This water can be used to make electricity. The whole habitat shall be constructed from the minerals available there like regolith, crystals and basalt. Hence making the travel from earth to mars light weight.