Project Statement
The Martian colony is a form and a system, which deals with a unique environment that reflects an image for a new civilization on Mars. Therefore, in our project we will illustrate a new cluster and a new standard for a new way of life. In this project we created a new vernacular sustainable solution by designing new brick a new unit which is the hexagonal unit. Combined with a novel type of structure-syntactic foam tubes-and mount on it a parametric opening to control sun light and temperature inside the dome. This smart unit will be the mean of new life on Mars.

Concept Statement
Vernacular Utopia on Mars
The concept is to use a smart parametric unit-the hexagonal unit-as a brick unit which simulate vernacular architecture on Earth in its simplicity and adaptation to weather. And combine together in a geodesic dome form a pure utopian form
Which state that the new civilization on Mars will be ideal

Form Evolving
From the hexagonal smart unit is the evolving of the form. From the utopian dome to more dynamic free form that is adapting to the Martian wind and terrain condition and providing the aesthetics of the organic form

We have two ways of construction the first by using repetitive equal units to build regular geometric shapes and it will be brought from earth and the second stage is to use irregular units to build irregular geometric shapes these unit will be manufactured on mars it will be costumed for need and will form the organic shapes