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Set in the 22nd century where commercial flights to Mars is starting to popularize, the project recognizes the importance of public engagement towards the multi-disciplinary development in Mars exploration. While a lot of Mars missions are centered around scientific investigations, the project believes that non-scientists plays an equally important role to establish an all rounded Martian culture. The project proposes a strategy that allows different people with different hobbies and interest to freely roam around Mars and experience its wonders through highly nomadic architecture.

The project is separated into two parts. The first part are deployable modules for different disciplines: painters, photographers, farmers, stargazers, youtubers, religious people, novel writers etc. The modules allow them to freely explore Mars according to their own agenda. The portable modules will be transported by Mars rover trucks and transforms through unfolding and expanding inflatable structures to become living quarters as well as working spaces that tailor to their interests. For example, the painter will have a drawing room included in the module. The modules will be powered by methane and solar panels. Living like nomads, individuals find inspiration on Mars for their paintings photographs, music etc. Upon completion of their adventure, the module can be flat-packed and folded into a cargo where it can be transported to the mothership for refuel.

The second part is the static mothership building that is built with Mars regolith and inflatable structures. The mothership acts as a refuel station where methane is created on site and fuels the exploration journey of different heterogenic portable modules. The portable modules will plug-in to the mothership and while refueling, different adventurers cross path inside the mothership to exchange their experience of their expeditions.

With so much unknown yet to be explored, we should be constantly moving around to scout out the peculiarities of Mars. The colonization of Mars is an experience for everyone. It is up to different passionate pioneers to inspire more people to join this amazing journey, where not only to celebrate scientific breakthroughs but the creation of a whole new realm of knowledge. encouraging new realities to be imagined and different disciplines come together to produce unpredictable products.