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In thousands of years, people are considering about exploring uncharted territory.

To our limits are not the field and is often equates we have in mind. To find what human being can actually do on Mars, we doped out several keywords.

1. Self-replicate

Urban planning and city populating on the Earth can find rules, Same as these on the Mars. Copying city texture and paste on the mars is absolutely not a good choice. But if we formulate certain basic rules, their own operation and mutual relationship (cohesion, separation and chaos) will produce some unexpected and interesting results. We found the Cellular Automaton. Cellular Automaton the general name of dynamic models which include initial points and certain develop formulations(periodic or aperiodic). It can develop by itself following the formulations, location and surrounding environment based on the advancing time. Back to the topic, the environment on Mars is various and we know that building cities or communities on Mars can be a huge programme. In our project, we are trying to make this work more efficient and convincing. The Cellular Automaton we build based on the Mars environment can help us to develop the whole community automatically from several initial units. And due to the formulation, the size of the community is variable, so it is able to adapt any situation.

2. Creating urbansphere and Biosphere

We propose a conceptual model and a computational design method to articulate the mar’s Urbansphere, suggesting new terms for its sustainable co-evolution with the Biosphere. We are considering to create a future that man-made infrastructures and non-human biological systems can constitute parts of a single biotechnological whole. This could trigger self-organising processes that would enable cities on the mars to grow as a result of interaction rather than as a result of planning and engineering. Potentially, this could lead to a complete redescription of the relationship between Urbansphere and Biosphere.
The environment on the mars nowadays is chaotic,it’s essential to optimally use resources to create infrastructure system for industry, living and farming during the design processes, we take into account the various functional facilities needed to survive on Mars,such as heating system,water production etc.

3. A growing planet

There are mainly three phases for urban sprawl on the mars. First phase is called birth. Based on the Cellular Automaton algorithm,pattern of urban on the mars starts from one appropriate point. After self-duplicate for decades of years,it shows an initial prototype of community and industry system by following the cellular Automaton principle. It’s a new territory for human beings,living animals and plants. The third phase is a blooming development on the mars that both urbansphere and Biosphere consist a healthy living system on the mars.