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When god blesses us a totally new world to build a utopia at will, what should we do? In order to avoid like today’s earth, a series of issues like a competition for energy, resource abuse situation, in this story, we set the human settlement of Mars is divided into three steps.

First of all, humans will leave the earth in a spaceship. The spaceships are cylindrical,with the central cylinder rotating in a fixed axis, providing centrifugal force to the surrounding cabin during the process, and also as an important tool for time measurement. The surrounding cabins are the main living spaces for people, which can provide customized space for people of different occupations and interests.

When the space station is close to the Martian atmosphere, the spacecraft is divided into three parts. The external shell falls first, and then the inner shell falls off. The outer shell is arranged by the internal cylinders in a circle to form a base on Mars as a group to develop new habitats and energy for a continuous stream of visitors. The original cabin and living space remain in the space around Mars, connected to the energy storage tanks on the surface of Mars by a tube, which is responsible for the transportation and excretion of energy.

Because of the special environment of Mars, especially the starkly different oxygen and gravity circumstances, is different from the earth, new cities will no longer adhere to traditional architectural elements. People can communicate through the constant motion of the space capsule, which can be moved to different modules depending on the rotation of the central cylinder, or through the pipeline into the energy bin. Different countries are based on different energy bin, and they can reverse the above process and return to earth by spaceship.

In the energy bin, the access to resources on Mars, scientists from their own countries gather together to assure the energy recycle to work well.They figured out how to give resources we have taken back to Mars to have minimal influence on our new home .