No. 233 – Team Sakura – NEW DISCOVERY!
Friday, April 1st, 3118, Sandstorm

In Utopia Planitia, we found a relic named Mars Vegas. To escape from this heavy sandstorm, we briefly sheltered here. After we investigated it, a backup file was found from which we know Mars Vegas originally established in 2118 A.D..
The file tells it was the primitive colony of Mars. To set up a group-build colony on Mars, they had learnt from the city model of Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a miracle in the Nevada desert and it had developed by copying the interests in different cities, becoming a huge attraction containing various elements of the Earth.

Dramatically, when the colonist from the cosmos voyage ages first land in this drouthy and desolate world, the scene they saw was pretty like the situation in Nevada desert. So they discussed a possibility of a colony model, which broadened out this “city in city” theory of Las Vegas into “planet in planet”. At last, the conception of “Mars Vegas” occurred to their mind.

Mars Vegas was a theme park on this savage and uninhabited land. Without the limits of the old world, this wonderland became a container of human desires.

In Mars Vegas, they put the prototype on earth in this park: the ocean, the jungle, the mountain, the cave, the polar region, the islands, the canyon and the most important structures of the human civilization— theatre and arena. All of these facilities were under the inwall covered with screen shared by daytime and night. Besides, they combined the prototype with special environmental factors of Mars, such as microgravity, cyclone, terrane and its freezing temperature. They also added some implicit symbols of earth including terminator, diurnal variation, air route, latitude and longitude. In this park, what people felt was a Martian adventure time but covered by an imagery of Earth. Different from the complex inside, the outline of the park was a pure and perfect sphere. The structure showed a kind of manifestos which also fitted its mechanical and dimensional requirement. What they tried to make was a contrast of the inside and the outside of the park, the Mars.

After a complete understanding of this file, we considered Mars Vegas was of great importance in the process of archeology study on Mars.