The beauty of exploring the unknown is the possibilities that can be created. Traveling to Mars and colonizing the planet is a true test of human creativity.

As transportation of materials and necessities( food and water) will very costly with continuous trips from Earth to Mars. The idea is to create the city to be self-sustainable. Materials for construction will be a combination of existing minerals found in mars and mixed with ingredients to strengthen the material. Mined and Manufactured or 3D printed, these materials will make an endless design possibility.

Imagining the vernacular design of Mars must become after the design of stable needs human living. As we become stable, then we can have fun. The gravity of Mars is 3/8 of earth gravity. With that knowledge, we can create amazing light and high-rise buildings. In the start of the transformation, we will need to build vertical, so we can have space to create habitable land. Seeing the first city of Mars, materials that are mixed with local and natural design. The use of Voronoi design showing the strength and ways to make intersecting points.

During construction, life is precious and working with suites, an error of an environmental suite is high. As we continue to expand the city we will use motion-controlled construction bots. These bots are controlled and monitored by a user that will insert themselves into the body of the robot. As things do not go as it is planned, the engineers can suit up and leave the safety of the city to work outside. The bots are equipping to be manually override by a person entering in the cockpit and use the controls inside, also the cockpit adds protect from the environment.

It is not comfortable to live a suite the entire time one is living in the planet. It is important to Terra form the environment to be suitable to our conditions. We want to slowly change the planet and to adapt to the planet. Mine water and convert the air to O2.

The atmo -sphere is air tight, with air lock chambers to leave and enter the city. Created with strong mixer of advanced carbon and damaged reflection materials to resist the hardest of impacts. Post are scattered to the perimeter of the city to monitor the conditions of the grid shield. Repairs will be done with mobile construction drones bot with welding capabilities. The shape of the spherical atmosphere is design, with the mars harsh wind storms in mind, the idea is to have the wind fly pass the slick sphere. Like aerodynamics design in car modeling.

We want to slowly convert and adapt ourselves to the condition of mars. To do so is to slowly (with small doses) expose us to the natural environment. Conquering the environment and shifting our dependent for a sphere shield through time.