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There is a say that every one hour an animal has been dead out and every one minute a kind of species has been dead out. We can not imagine how many creatures we even have never seen that they have already gone.

It is not only a pity, but also an urgent problem.We may lose our mother earth in the day. We human become countless who calls more and more sources to support our basic life and social work. In the days, the sea, the woods, the mountain, the sky, these normal sights will only appear in our night dream, which seems to be more like daydream even nightmare.

We are always greedy to have more, to discover a new land mother to feed ourselves. It is a brave decision to sail to the universe, admiring our legend hero, Columbus who is the first man discover a new land called America.

A duty and a chance we are compelled to be Columbus, sail ours Marsphere, break earth confine and make human seed a new land to grow up.

A spark can start a prairie.

A seed can grow a forest.

Our design describe a story sad but hopeful. Facing the terrible and true situation which is caused by human ourselves. We want to show something may truly come true, but we never want. We stand in today to have a story beginning tomorrow. We are supposed to be brave to focus on the real things but also have power to walk on the unknown road, even out of our earth.

We create several roles in our design to grow human seed on the Mars.

A captain who is a computer engineer and Mechanical Engineer, is in charge of the airship and deal with daily testing work. Three sailors, a physicist and geologist, a biochemist and doctor, and an astronomer and pilot. They are all more than one status in Columbus Journey.

The four man will live on the Mars in the Marsphere we designed,and break a new land to grow human fire.