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How does the universe occur? How the humankind become that far? What was the critical thing about it? When did it start? How will it end?

Those are the questions humankind always ask.We are still thinking about the answers of those questions however in the meantime, we ask more.

How did the life start even in the World? Is there any life on other planets? If not, what does it feel like to live there? If it is enough to think and question about it how can we make it possible?

The man who steps on the Moon says “A small step for a man, giant leap for mankind”. And yes, It is time to make another one. But how?

If we know that there isn’t life on Mars, how can we make it possible? How did even protein particles “coacervates” made that happen in 4.5 billion years ago when the World was nothing more than a piece of stone? If we take the Coacervates as our ancestor in the biggest picture, who should be followed to do the same in the Mars? To get the World where it is now, they kept in touch with the world, and the question “ how can we stay alive with the local sources and how can we adapt ourselves to the World ?” And they made a protector layer and they became procaryotes. Then they took all the information in their DNA and all the ideas and knowledge transferred by procaryotes to bacterias, then fishes and mammalians. If we are going to carry the life in the World to the Mars, the only thing that we need to do is copy our ancestors and make that possible again. We are way luckier than them as humankind because we can carry our protective layers which are made of flexible carbon fiber material as a living unit like they did. We can add tentacles to the life units and experience the variations on different topological surfaces or even hold on to the ground like a sea urchin. If we get enough power and capacity we can multiply like the synapses formed by nerve cells and prepare the environment for both sources, research and colony formation. Then we can arrange the units relevant to what we need like Energy, Life and soil units like the Volvoxes.

We can use the sustainable methods to live there as self-contained living beings. We can have all of the information in our DNA’s and transfer them to the next generations until the Mars became a sustainable, liveable planet. Rather than Living there as an Earthly we need to live there as a Martian without any direct intervention in the vernacular structure like our ancestors did in billion of years ago. They did not change the world. If we want to be permanent on Mars we should not change it, we need to adapt to it to make the same evolution they did in the world.