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“Mankind will not survive another millenia unless it makes a home beyond Earth’s atmosphere.The Red planet is the second possible destination to reach.” -Stephen Hawking

Martian grid is a developable gid based on Mars with the capability to grow according to population size. It has been originated from current and ancient large cities designed with a specific¬† grid pattern. Martian grid is a rectangular grid specified for Mars. Recentaly NASA has developed the technology of detecting potential locations with capability of supporting life on Mars on which the grid will be constructed by 3d printers and robots. As Martian soil contains toxic substances livable zones pulled up to avoid reach such materials to the habitats. According to general relativity spacetime, grid regions become smaller as they become closer to a massive mass, in reverse Martian grid’s regions become larger and structural grid pipes diameter increase as they get closer to the center/zones.

Receiving light is a necessity for mental and physical health, as a result the shell should be a double transparent layer made of silicon with 10 degree hardness which is an insulator with a low chemical reactivity and provide a non-stick surface, as a result the shell will survive after a dust storm which is a normal phenomena on mars. Thick mars atmosphere can not prevent fatal cosmic and solar rays entering mars’s surface, to avoid them from penetrating inside areas throught silicon shell, a 30cm thick water layer(a transparent material able to use as a barier) will fill the gap between two silicon layer, besides water layer will cause light refraction bring serenity to inhabitants.

As martian soil can not be used as constructional material, Phobos(moon) soil will be used on that purpose. Some scientific investigations released landing on a planet with no atmosphere avoides fuel loss according to that fact Phobos is a potential planet to land large spaceships on, collect material and travel to Mars with smaller spacecrafts(according to close distance between them).

The grid will provide larger spaces according to population size. Area’s functionality will differ according to the grid size. As an example: health care zone, recrational spaces and greenhouse(as oxygen and nutrition and food producer)will be located at the center and laboratories and residential cells will place at the edges.

Transporting on the grid will be possible with mini trains and Mars rovers, inside circulation would take place through structural pipes.

Each cell contains one green pipe area which provide oxygen and one water tank located next to the shell provide water supply, controll and balance water amount of shell’s aqua layer. These water amount will be provided by collecting ice from Mars and water producing machines.

Intelligent detectors are able to find best light emitting locations on the structure, photovoltaic cells will be placed on these specific points, produced energy will be transferred to habitats through conductive paint or wires.