Once technology allows us to travel to and inhabit Mars, all technical difficulties will have been solved a long time ago. Humans will live inside pressurized, protected shelters and all basic needs will be cared for. Will they? Humans may not need Earth to survive, but they surely do enjoy it. We have not evolved to live inside cans.

Existence in Mars could be very hard and painful if all we are there to do is survive and expand. This proposal approaches this issue in a variety of ways and considers architecture as something that goes beyond technical aspects.

This project treats in a sensitive way the creation of a piece that is the result of the interpretation of the context in which it is inserted.

Martian Mirage tries to balance the reality shift between Earth and Mars. It consists in an open space in which people could spend time of leisure and contemplation using they everyday space suits.

As a minimal gesture, the proposal digs up a square section of the Martian surface, revealing the underground Martian ice that will subsequently turn into water, evidencing the fact that Mars is, after all, a possible settlement for humans.