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Our proposal is based on a simple, economical and sustainable system of settlement on the moon. We have designed a unique form which, according to a so-called aggregation system Weair-Phelan structure, gives shape to an organic landscape which will accommodate future residents.

The Weaire-Phelan foam consists of dodecahedrons wonky with pentagonal faces and tetradecahedrons with two hexagonal and 12 pentagonal faces. The structure based on this unique geometry would be highly repetitive and constructible while it looks very organic and random.

This system allows us to build a modular system, simple but at the same time functional with the minimum necessary, ease of construction and assembly ensuring all comforts. Once we built the module, it will be a “kids game” put it in its position and fasten it to the other modules.

Moon Concrete (or Sulfur Concrete)
Our concern has been to use lunar material for ecological and economic reasons. We thought of using concrete as a raw material for our modules structures. The large presence of Sulfur on the moon is of vital importance since replacing the water and the mix will be derived from lunar minerals.

The settlement will be organized in phases. At first the arrival of the Station – factory which will begin producing the first modules which will be installed below ground in so-called “Lava – Tube”. The construction underground is that allows us to have experimental modules, not yet ready to react to radiation. In the Lava – Tube we can settle the research laboratories, the first dwellings and staff who will study and will work to the expansion of our settlement. First under then above ground. The Station – factory is not fixed and then, once the first settlement built it will be possible to move to the next vantage point where the printer 3d inside can ignite again the construction process.

Living on the Moon
Although most protected places are underground ones, the flexibility of our module allows us to experience and to propose also building on the surface this means improving the quality of life of future residents and make the most of the sunlight to produce energy and for laboratories of plant regeneration. A radiation protection is given by a protective multilayer skin and a double vacuum layer enables improved thermal insulation. The use of Lava Tube will give us the opportunity to plan escape routes and to build safe housing to accommodate and reassure residents in the event of impact from meteorites.

It is very important to the use of energy resources, especially exploit the maximum of light and then for guarantee an adequate quality of life our project will begin in the south pole near to Schackelton crater.

Physicochemical life-support systems. PLSS ´s generated oxygen, remove carbon dioxide, and clean and recycle water through chemical and mechanical processes.

Our settlement employ bioregenerative strategies wich in addition to providing food, plants remove carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, and generate potable water from gray water.