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The projectable object should be located on the Moon South pole, since the Moon part has the necessary features for the comfortable human being stay.

The Moon Base concept has the line structure extending for approximately 13 km. The monorail is a connective line with base components strung on it including spaceport, exit point, solar power plant, permanent residence area, industrial zone and energy reserve source.
The Moon base located in the lava tube has several significant advantages for the permanent human being residence on the Moon. Due to the resistant and thick lava tube concave it might be possible to defend oneself from detrimental phenomena such as solar radiation or meteorite bombing.

This base can exist on condition of a human being permanent stay, 96 people can be there. Owing to the base looking like the submarine it may be expanded adding new nodes and increasing the residential area.

The modules are inflatable elements on the core frame. Such modules are reinforced with boring piles to the igneous rock. The hydraulic columns between the frame and boring piles are a peculiarity and they will extinguish blows in case of moonquakes or during meteorite bombing, because of the low gravitation such phenomena will be noticeable.

The base is built on the Moon with the help of robots, 3D printing and extrusion molding, from the materials directly taken from the Moon allowing to reconstruct the base elements and if one of the modules damages, it may be substituted for the new. However, at the beginning of the construction activity the temporary modules allow to stay on the Moon temporarily. These modules might be delivered from the Earth and will be required in case of equipment settings and construction activity supervision.

The permanent human being residence area is the most important zone. The area is autonomous and serves several functions: domestic, social and scientific.

Residential Sector Composition:

The residential module has such constituent elements: 2 bedrooms for 4 people, 1 common gym, a mutual kitchen dining room, 2 personal toilets, a room for the life support system

The Moon parking is created for 2 Moon research vehicles, is the part of the residential sector, serves as a place for Moon research vehicles/robots storage and repair. This element should be regarded as a fire escape and, in case of destruction, one may use a vehicle and leave the base.

The organization of working space in such modules is: adaptive rehabilitation centre, medical maintenance complex, centre for outer and inner connection provision and supervision, laboratory and research centres.

Warehouses/greenhouses are large modules for food growing and the necessary resources storing.

The central public module is created for social functions completion, conference conducting and leisure spending. The two upper floors are created as a hotel for 32 people with a dining-room and other subsidiary apartments for space tourism development. A lot of greenery planting is used in the interior design and Voronoi diagram to remind the colonists of the Earth.