“Physical books are full of complicated mathematics formulae. Yet, not the formulae, but thoughts and ideas make the beginning of every physics theory.” – Einstein.

The Moon is so near and far, so tiny and vast, so well-known and magic at the same time. The thoughts of our satellite make your imagination fly over our solar system, the galaxy, the Universe, making you excited with enormous scale and intriguing future prospects.

Speculating of inspiring theory of multiverse that was disclosing itself in topographical diversity and one-moment existence of a lot of events and possibilities, we decided to present our project as a row of parallel and equal scenario of possible ( and not very possible), assimilation of our satellite. Every conception is not a ready decision, but thinking over our «today» and «tomorrow», our problems, interests, ambitions.

Our project reflects our thoughts about the Universe, humanity and its home, about shy steps «off the porch» which will cause a mass of questions, give birth to a lot of guesses and ideas. We did our best to think over every problem, their solution of the present and future matters. We thought of the Moons advantages and peculiarities.

Our ideas are just imagination trying to avoid the frames. It may seem to utopian or too far from today. Yet, a thing impossible today doesn’t have to remain improbable tomorrow. Are we right?