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My project is a building on the Moon that is made by a 3D process. The machines will be building the lunar base by collecting Moon dust from the Moon. Machines will also use polymer for to 3D print windows and the polymer will be transported from Earth as well as the robots machines that will build the building on the Moon. It will take a few year for the building to be completely printed by robots. By using 3D printing method there will be no joints until the doors are needed to be build which means less money spent on the project and less travel to Earth to gather materials.

By having the base made out of Moon dust it protect the people who are using it since Moon dust protect from radiation, is almost as strong as concrete, it will protect from temperature and meteorites bombardment.

The building is designed for researchers and astronauts to gather more information about the Moon resources as well as to be able the experiment with the collected samples. The building will hold 4-5 people. The base will have beds, dining table, food container and working space as well as oxygen tank to fill the building with oxygen. The tank will have to be replaced with another to keep the room with oxygen. The building will have windows so the people in there can admire the space and see the Earth. It is also to make it less claustrophobic for people.

The building will have a titanium doors that will be built after the machines finish printing it. The doors will be wielded and it will create a small room where the person can put their costume before entering Moon’s atmosphere. The building will be quite big and heavy.

The building can expand by connecting to another building with a tunnel. Once the building are connected a person can walk to another building without wearing the astronaut costume and doesn’t have to worry about Moon’s atmosphere. With expandable possibility each building could be used for a different purpose for an example one building used for dinning the other for fitness, another for working and researching. There are many possibilities with this option. Also this allows more people to move in to the Moon and live there.

To gather energy the solar panels will be built on top of the building base and reinforced with polymer or glass. This the solar energy will be used to create electricity within the buildings.