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As the space race began to conceive advanced ideas and operations of space exploration, a more obscure foundation was simultaneously being established for inhabitation. The Apollo 11 landing was the first seed to be planted among the vast lunar fabric, acting as the initial charge to the production of Moontopia. For decades the human species manifested, explored, and discovered new technologies and understandings of the moon and its lunar conditions. As Earth’s prized values and resources began to diminish, the demand for mass relocation began to rise. Humanity would endure three expansive epochs before reaching the peak of Moontopia. Following the Pre Lunar era of human arrival, the drone epoch began to emerge. An entire network of artificial intelligence consumed the lunar atmosphere in search of existing resources such as helium 03 and other various mineral mining. As drone and robotic operations began to reach its life span, humanity was already transitioning into the preconceived Carrier epoch. At this time, the world’s largest material and structural purge had begun. The massive internationally conversion took nearly two decade to relocate the necessary materials and technologies to construct humanities first lunar colony. As carrier systems materialized, the beginning of the Assembly epoch established its presence on the lunar surface. As the longest era of Moontopia, the Assembly epoch was notably the pinnacle moment of human advancement and achievement. Not only was a manifestation of human inhabitation emerging, the first lunar architectural language was created. Referred to as a Lunar Colony, a systematic grid made of essential comments needed for human survival. As colonies developed across the lunar surface, a growing demand for galactic interactions processes at a substantial rate. The human species were approaching the peak of Moontopia. Time would tell if a new epoch was vital for survival.