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It’s an uncoordinated chaotic world, struggling with globalization. No creed, religion or mother’s tears ever hoped for this. In 2025, the United Nations stops doing things the same way expecting different outcomes. Instead the human species will now evolve to catch-up with technology, with buy-in of the human species.

The Moon belongs to us all. No fences or no boundaries drawn in blood. ‘How’ to establish a facility there has long been known; now we have the compelling ‘Why.’

Members of Society for a Holistic Integrated Terra were carefully selected. After some consideration, Organization for Neuro-Enlightenment, the ‘ONEPeople’ platform, was broadcast: to divert Earth’s collective mind towards common opportunity.

The ‘Two Pillars of ONE’ adopted a third pillar after an engineering report identified the structural instability. [Such was the inter-disciplinary collaboration.]

1.Cultural Engineering. Genocide hadn’t been universally popular, let alone failing to neuter the real threats. With global expenditure on therapy, cosmetic surgery, placebos, self-help etc running into the trillions, the propensity for human modification was enormous. They called it ‘actualization’ by way of treatments created in the ideal Moon conditions. Genome surgery, education, appetite cauterization and sterilisation. Scientists for the ‘sustainable human’ program were selected from an overwhelming earth-wide ROI. After a year at ONEHome, Cosmics will be sent back to Earth to propagate. After two generations, the swing will be entrenched.

2.Funding. A cheap mission by warfare standards, but ninety-percent of global wealth under the control of ten-percent of widely resented entities? Money for jam. The obscenely rich clambered to be a part of the program. Why else do we make money besides upgrades? ‘Have ONE on me.’ Syphon off currency and replace it with self-valuing digital bills for all. No banks, no nepotism, no helter-skelter attack on Earth’s resources by anyone. ONEBucks will finance future Moontopia initiatives.

3.Communications. The UN trialed the untapped political clout of HONESTY: The wide-open book. Trust was internationally embedded. Exhaustive research identified the comic book graphic as universally most appreciated. All ages loved it. The merchandising turned more cash into compost. ONEPeople captured 8 billion imaginations.

A crater, chosen at the milder South Pole, sites the lander used for permanent communications, cooking, ablutions, technical support and central structure supporting a membrane roof – quickly repaired in event of micro-meteor penetration – controlling sunlight and radiation. Power is taken from the Sun. ‘Cave shelters’ are sintered in-situ in the regolith by way of Ichneumon wasp reciprocating drills and solar light-pipes. Water, oxygen and hydrogen are extracted from micro-fissures in the regolith spoil. Human waste and aquaponics fertilize trees, shrubs and bioreactors. Technologies and expertise from around the world answer all challenges: ONESynergy
Moontopia isn’t a frontier camp for further space exploration. Low gravity launching from the Moon? When pigs teleport. If our galaxy ever turns out to be of palpable humanitarian value, then later. No need for a diaspora; it’s lunacy to populate an inhospitable environment. Conditions here gave us life. We’re getting it back.