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The deterministic approach and the horizontal hierarchy reports are to be subverted by new type of theories rooted in multiplicity, in the ground, in horizontal gene transfer. Is a translation of needs and potential growth. It wants to reverse the idea of development, increase. Remove instead of adding. Moving instead to place. Down instead of up. Based on the rhizome theory, the project is not a unit, or part, is a continue combination of elements, structure and substructure, functions and relationships. Each element and its combination follow the typical self-similarity of fractals, to breed at different scales. As a rhizome grows in the ground and connects to others. Each structure or element of the substructure are erasable and reproducible (following the reports) in other places, changing shape / path, but not the map.

The IDEA is to build an entire metropolis by subsequent stages.
Every stage will transform and prepare the ground for the successive till the self supporting life.
The structure will be constructed underground and will include modules for living, for research, extraction and transforamation of local materials (as zinc), greenhouses, powerplants etc.
Every group of modules will interact with all the others extending the network like a rhizome root, replicating structure and substructures in multiscale and multilevel way.

In PHASE ONE supplies, diggers and the first structures will be sent to get everything start. The goal is to extract and transform local material, researching and build power and solar plants.
PHASE TWO is to enlarge the presence of people and build underground spaces to host greenhouses and other facilities to self pruduct food, water and oxigen.
The PHASE THREE is the construction of living modules with all spaces for the common activities, a big dome like a big square with a great panorama on the earth.
Every group of functions, during the building/digging has its own structure that will be in deep connection and melt with the others creating an open network.

TOPICS> The structure will be undergroud to protect people from cosmic rays, simulate the atmosphere environment establishing a life maintenance system inside and to grown in all direction like roots.
The research center will work to study the possibilities of self mantaining by producing foods, power, water and oxygen.
The mining areas will extract bare material and trasform it. 3D printer will product everything nedeed to improve the settlemen.
Solar panel will be built on the surface to get power, and a power plant to supplement it.
After phase three, like other metropolis, it will attract and host tourists and other kind of immigrants.