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The group of buildings was inspired by neure. The spherical space is just like nerve cell which have store and living space, the “pipe” as “extensions” which connected with it has the perception fuction.

When broken and dangerous happened, the sensors can prevent the ground buildings and underground space to ensure the safety of people.

The original of life is from cells. On mars, in the most original and very effective way to survive is the center of our design philosophy.

Four Forms of Architecture:

As an architectural complex on Mars, this monomer can be produced and reconnected. The surface of the sphere acts as a protective membrane. The monomer is divided into upper space and lower space. The upper space is the space for life, work, study, party and view.

The lower space is a space for rest and privacy. People can enter the lower space when they are affected by bad conditions such as sandstorms. When the upper part is damaged or the oxygen content is too low, the connecting link will block it. To ensure safety, the same layer of damage can also go into the upper layer, which is as flexible as a cellular element to protect the safety of life on Mars.

An old network can be especially sensitive to the same stimulus each time it starts faster and more forcefully than the previous one. The building gives the neuronal memory the life characteristics of learning to become more human. Human life is inseparable from the cellular components and the mechanism of continuous learning and progress.

Exploring other life forms in the long universe is what we always desire. Mars is the planet most likely to emigrate. In the most basic and inseparable way. In the way of life, I think this is the closest approach to nature.