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Nomadic palace is a ship within a nomadic capsule where it will be built and then begin a process of terraforming, in order to create a change in hostile conditions for life on Mars. Equipped with laboratory and spaces that are important for self-maintenance of the ship and the crew.

The center of the ship has a cannon that launches projectile geometrically programmable material (4d printing technology) to degrade by action of selected cyanobacteria that have inside and also by the joint conditions of temperature, pressure difference, relative humidity and concentration of CO2 in the Martian atmosphere; and that its degradation would cause the release of the cyanobacteria, leaving them in a suspended state to come into direct contact with the CO2, converting it into oxygen through oxygenic photosynthesis, an important gas in the development of the largest number of life forms on Earth.

NomadicPalace that has 3d technology also to create monitored probes that will be launched to the limits of the planet, so that they are spatially distributed so that there is a dipolar behavior between them to create magnetic fields with a stable common point that closes the electrical circuit powered by electrical energy from the transformation of solar energy to provide stability to the formation gases of the new atmosphere causing the retention and gradual stabilization of these takes place. The atmosphere of Mars contains 96% CO2, an important gas for global warming that, with the help of the magnetic field, will let part of the solar radiation spectrum pass in order to get enough light and heat causing the atmosphere to adopt the greenhouse concept, thereby increasing the temperature and atmospheric pressure. The process of heating and densification of the atmosphere involves the melting of the polar ice caps of Mars.

NomadicPalace is coated inside and out by a thin membrane of specialized regenerative polymers that facilitate the solubility of carbon dioxide, as well as harboring polarized molecules to attract molecules of carbon dioxide that are polarized in the external environment as well as in the internal environment. the ship product of human metabolism (air purifier inside the ship). Followed by an intermediate compartment to the two membranes and that their walls are covered by a layer of nickel that acts as a catalyst. In this compartment, the reaction of carbon dioxide and molecular hydrogen obtained by electrolysis of the water extracted from the polar ice caps of Mars interacts chemically producing the reaction of SABATIER whose products are methane, water and heat energy since it is an exothermic reaction and are vital importance for the self-sustainability of NomadicPalace. On the one hand the methane will serve as fuel for the mobilization of the ship, on the other hand the water as a vital element for the support of the life in the ship and finally the energy released to regulate the appropriate temperature for the crew.