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Current international treaties pertain that no country can lay claim to anything not on earth, this brings into contention the issue of future populating mars. Projecting future success in cargo and civilian missions to the planet, the proposal extrapolates existing terrestrial socio political tensions and supposes their inevitable presence within a martian civilisation. How long will international space alliances continue to function when Ryanair can get you there for £90 (toilet and food not included), or the true value of mining natural ‘red’ resources is realised?

It is hypothesised that rights to the planets surface would inevitably be relative to a countries economic stature on earth, countries now vye as to where the new planets surface offers the richest conditions for future exploits, but how to lay claim? A nostalgic civilisation our monuments and knowledge are our greatest achievements, the transportation of existing terrestrial vernacular to lay claim to plots leads to a presence synonymous with the inhabitance of thousands, a play on existing physiological space barriers, could you’re favourite reality tv personality really be two blocks away? Expensive parametric space vernacular is shunned in the name of long tern economic viability, regular extruded floor plates instead established again as the norm.

Homosapien, a species evolved to earth has come to be through adapting its living to prevalent climatic, geographical, geological and vegetative conditions (we’ve lived in caves and grown adjacent to water sources), however technological advancement as a species means that this dynamic can shift, a planet can be bent to our will. Much as travellers are wrapped in space suits, so would be our buildings, comforted from the external environmental conditions a reconfigured built environment is strewn in a membrane within which the intermediary zones offer a new ‘martian street typology’.

Configured through VR technology located on earth, AI technology precedes the presence of humans on the outpost, the metropolis is ready for our arrival.