The main idea of this project is to make people experience the space. Originally, planetarium is good for watch the space. But people can just watch the projection. It can be effective to education, but also it can be boring. So, I tried to give a movement to people to experience the space.

I tried to find the best condition to make a situation of space, so I think underwater condition is the most proper. In the earth, we can’t think without the gravity. But in the water, buoyancy can offset the gravity. So, if we can control the buoyancy power, we can make a similar condition of space. Not the perfect condition, (because we need to consider water pressure and organs inside human body are still follow the gravity) but that makes the people to move in 3-dimensional way. As a result, this project will be floated on the water.

I think human’s interest about the space is universal. It’s not influenced by the nations, religions, and everything. So, I think it can be the new culture. Like universal studio in USA or Japan, people can go to that country because of that place.

We have much museums in the world. Museum usually exhibit the past things. I think we need a place where can shows the future. Astronomy can be the most closer to that field. So, I hope this project will be the museum of the future things.