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From ancient times , sun, stars and planets have been regarded as mysterious topics and were studied by scientists. Constellations as a geometric figure have always got the attention of human. In past mathematics, geometry and astronomy were the related topics always considered by scientists. Respecting to the aim of the competition (design a planetarium) , we have tried to make a relationship between geometry (as a basic architectural science) and spatial structure of presented concept in order to evokes the sense of Constellations.
Pentagon and hexagon are the primitive geometries, useful in art and architecture. There are lots of mysteries and also proportions behind this shapes. In the concept, triangle ( as a basic shape) and pentagon with its brilliant proportion leads to golden ratio have been applied.
In the cocept, the basic mass is the shortened form of regular foursquare including four hexagon and four triangle. This module duplicate around a circular axis and makes a group including five modules that reflects of them makes pentagon then in terms of entrance to building, one of these modules have been left aside from the group. The structure of the project has been designed based on the resulting geometric network and it is a spaceframe one. Furthermore, it composes the interior spaces. The sphere of planetarium inserts to the group so it has been designed according to exisiting network.
The length of each edge is 7 meters and the building has been organized according to shortened form of regular foursquare in three levels. The overal area of project is approximately 1800 meters. In ground floor the following places exist: pre-entrance, information and ticket, galleries ( showing images from surface of planets, moon, sun and etc. ), play area for kids, office and WC. The area of the level is about 700 meters
First floor consist of two classes ( attendant learnt about astronomy, methods of observation and related topics.), show arena of star and sun (in this places visitors can watch videos captured from space especially those related to star, sun and solar panel). This level has a view to ground floor through triangle void. The area of this level is about 400 meters.
Second floor includes planetarim lobby, show arena ( similar to first floor but focusing on moon, earth and sky, globe of earth ( showing a short scale of surface of the earth ) and planetarium theater. The theater seats are circular and has been designed for nearly 70 persons.