Project Statement

After the industrial revolution, the growth in global air pollution is likely to be worse. Satellite images of Earth at night provided is full of light spot.

If people want to see the stars with naked eye, they should go where streetlights insignificantly limited their view of the stars.

As aresult,we believe the planetarium of outer space can makes people’s vision more varibale and interesting.

In the past, we often learn the outer space of things in planetariums. There are always a dome as a projection screen to show the stars to make people know more about what kind of outer space, and use some flat exhibits with the planet to achieve this education in old planetariums.

At present, people no longer feel so much interest in the planetarium because of the development of science and technology.As long as we are rich, we will be able to buy the telescope, as long as we have a mobile phone or, computer we can look through the Internet to see the stars. What information the network can easily get so, the planetarium exhibits is no longer so meaningful.

We create a new educational exhibition mode “space astronomy station travel” it make the exhibition is no longer just a half-day tour to see things left. If you want to know more about space , then why don’t we just go up to the outer space. Our future home is likely to be in the outer space of the other planet, but the people know the space not many. We hope “space astronomy station” through this new planetarium to achieve the purpose of education.