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The Project has three main concepts:
1. Scale/Distance
2. Our place in the cosmos
3. Space’s natural phenomenon

Space has a scale we rarely truly grasp on Earth. For instance, 100 miles seem like a long distance, but in space that is nothing. Making sure planetarium visitors understand this concept is crucial.

The Planetarium is more than a building, it is an experience. It is located in a remote, out of this world location: at the Pinacate and the great desert of Altar Biosphere near the Gulf of California, northern Mexico. This untouched location looks like earth did when it was created. It is full of volcano craters and surrounded by the Altar desert.
The main concept of our Planetarium conveys interstellar distances. Using the distance between Earth and the other planets in the solar system as our inspiration, we created a series of buildings/installations placed in different craters within the park. Each “Planet” has a theme that will be explored in each unique location.

EARTH             HOME             0.0 km
This building installation is the start of the exploration. It will explain how our solar system is made up of star clusters, our place in the cosmos, life and its origins, and from micro cosmos to macro cosmos.

VENUS            VISIBILITY        0.04 km
There is more in space than what the eye can see. We will explore all the different types of light ranging from the what is visible to the human eye to UV, X, gamma and infrared rays.

MARS              MATTER          0.055 km
Visitors will understand the existence of the three main states of matter (solids, liquids, and gas) in space. Discovering the concept of plasma and Bose-Einstein, dark matter and antimatter.

MERCURY      SOUND           0.07 km
What sounds exist in space? From the Big Bang and the sounds within planets to sounds in new suns and dying suns. The music from Black Holes and the cosmos. Visitors will learn about all the different forms of space sound.

JUPITER          SIZE                 0.588 km
Visitors will explore the different sizes in space. From minuscule asteroids to stars a million times bigger than earth. Study from our sun to the Milky Way. The size of galaxies and power of black holes. The outermost Limit- 91 Billion Light Years in span.

SATURN          SHAPES          1.2 km
The Universe is so rich in different shapes.  From the sphere shapes of planets and suns to comets and its tails. Visitors will learn all about nebulas, galaxies, clusters and what the shape of the whole universe is.

NEPTUNE       GRAVITY         4.2km
Learn why gravity is the unifying force.  It creates the centers of objects, generates orbits, gravitational pull, and the moon and tides. Gravity links the microscopic to the immensity of galaxies.

PLUTO            ENDING          4.3km
Pluto is the known end of planets in our galaxy.  This installation will end your tour with a view from our observation platform. We will also talk how life, planet earth, and everything we know is a miracle.