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Port Moon Tau, as the name suggests, represents humanity’s combined efforts to establish a lasting colony on the lunar surface. Its architecture reflects different influences from all over the world, though always with an underlying homage to Modernism and functionality. Nowhere is this more apparent than the propellant tank and cargo container constructed neighborhoods that line the outer domes. With their expansive views, these domiciles supplant the original underground housing as advanced materials alleviate radiation concerns. Port Moon Tau’s neighborhoods continue to expand to accommodate a growing population. The transparent walkways and outer shell eliminate the claustrophobic existence found in spacecraft and in Earth’s megalopoli. Port Moon Tau will eventually rival the largest Terran spaceport as interplanetary colonies continue to grow.

The colony consists of nested spheres built from aluminum framed, redundant borosilicate glass panes. Advances in materials and the reduced gravity on the moon allow for great open spaces, expansive views of the lunar landscape, and iconic lunar skyscrapers. The size provides ample room for underground environmental management systems, water storage, and biomass production to support the ever growing populace. Walking outward from the center, each dome layer reflects a different architectural culture and embodies the next phase of its evolution, from a solitary outpost for exploration (stark frontier utilitarianism), to a mining and manufacturing facility (industrial chic), and culminating with its current incarnation as a spaceport megalopolis (International style). Preserved at the center is the original habitat. Like San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts, its presence in the Central Park connects the current expanse to a notable past.

A permanent presence on the Moon is a vast undertaking, achievable only through the world’s combined efforts. Port Moon Tau is humanity’s chance to start anew, cast aside old prejudices, and create an inclusive, multicultural society. The citizenry honors their own unique culture, but are united in a common purpose to carve an everlasting settlement on the banks of Mare Tranquillitatis. There is no such thing as a free lunch on the Moon, and all are keenly aware of the codependent nature of their existence. Recycling is a necessity. Crime is unheard of. Strict population control means there is enough for all but not enough for waste. Each citizen’s productivity is augmented by an army of robots, and “telecommuters” from Earth. Despite the hard scrabble existence, there is still time enough for fellowship. The close quarters and united purpose make for a strong sense of community.

Port Moon Tau is a diversified economy. Not only is it a tourist destination and the gateway to the Outer Planets, it has become the manufacturing hub for space technology. Easy access to Earth orbit, hard vacuum, and plentiful energy gives manufacturing facilities outside the dome a distinct advantage. Port Moon Tau is humankind’s nascent step towards becoming an interplanetary species. Its personality reflects the wonderful, synergistic, though sometimes messy, kaleidoscope of humanity. It stands as a symbol of, and monument to, the human drive to conquer and thrive in unforgiving environments.