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We place our proposal in the Ganges Chasma plains (coordinates: Latitude (center):
-8.0 ° Longitude (east): 306.2 °). As for a feasible and realistic timing for it, we consider the year 2040 as a possible starting point. In about twenty years the exponential advances in 3D printing technology will allow the construction of sophisticated structures, both by surface printers and also by means of drones, and all this with the materials available on Mars.

We believe that shortly after establishing a scientific colony, a process of migration must be started, which contemplates all human activities, in order to make the colonization of the planet truly sustainable.

Our proposal is based on a concept of cell growth, which is adaptable and flexible. A system that can improve itself, and that can find more efficient relationships between its parts through the empirical.

The choice of the locations of each part will be based on the topographic conditions and the specific availability of water ice below the surface.
With a general development of this project based on this evident reality, water treatment has a central character throughout this proposal.

The challenge is to create a colony that can achieve a level of sustainability and independence with –obviously- the best possible use of available resources.

It is planned to establish, from the beginning, laboratories of specific materials to investigate and test their different capacities and applications. The objective is to provide everything necessary to achieve an indefinite projection of growth, based on printing technologies fed with these materials. By means of them, all the structural, paneling and technical resolutions in general, will be solved.

We consider that to be a realistic project that can be sustained in time beyond the first adventurous impulses, it is necessary to achieve vital conditions that include concepts of well-being in a broad sense, including the most elementary ideas in terms of comfortable atmospheres to guarantee a medium that psychologically provides optimal conditions for life. In short, what we want is an ambitious project, not only from the technical point of view, but also from the quality of life that it can guarantee.

3D printing is executed based on two systems: one on the surface and the other by means of drones. Both systems are separated into groups according to the parts to be printed (structure, exterior and interior panels, pipes, etc.)

Due to the cell-based growth of this project, and therefore the generation of small connected communities, the optimization of links with each other is an important part. It is proposed that it can grow according to the needs that arise in situ. With sufficient knowledge of the available minerals and their subsequent use to build / print structures, the sustainable growth of the colony can be assured.