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“I know not how I seem to others, but to myself I am but a small child wandering upon the vast shores of knowledge, every now and then finding a small bright pebble to content myself with while the vast ocean of undiscovered truth lay before me.” – Isaac Newton

The humans have catalogued every element, every living being of the Earth and building an utopian society. The Earth is perfect… but firm. And so is the humans too, succubus of their knowledge to the point that abandoning the Earth is the only way to resume moving, but too often nostalgia has dragged the humans back to their home. That’s why they sent the “chosen ones” of the Rebirth project, born in a spaceship, grow up by robots and surrounded by a red iron desert that rejects life.

Our project includes an expedition to Mars aimed at the evolution of the human species. The entire project was planned with the establishment of a first small colony in single structures that would produce everything necessary for survival, making it self-sufficient, and concentrate all human intellectual resources for the study of the unknown.

The shape of the structure represents the concept of a womb in which the mind and the body have the possibility of developing in tranquillity: protected from the outside as in a shell and that provide for every vital contribution.
The two rings that surround the central sphere are structured in three layers and produce, in addition to the materials for the construction of the habitat, also the elements useful for survival like water and oxygen. In fact, the chemical process that occurs inside acts on ferric oxide (present in large quantities all over the planet) which, combined with hydrogen, generates ferric ferrous oxide (laser 3D printable) and water (separable into oxygen and hydrogen which restart the process).

The heat generated by the chemical reaction creates a rise in temperatures around the sphere, allowing the structure to be placed anywhere on the surface of Mars.

The two rings present binaries for 3D-laser printing robots that are built step by step by the robots to allow the construction of the two rings.

The sphere, like the other elements, is entirely made of materials on site. It is used an improved “Cob” construction technique: a mixture of clay and basalt fibers (by sintering) forms the structure of the sphere.
The inside of the sphere is developed in two parts: on the sides, there are the two main structures, on which the various daily functions are distributed. In the centre, however, there are trees that capture the light from the skylight placed at the top and are able to produce enough oxygen for all the inhabitants. The skylight also allows the use of powerful telescopes to observe the space.

This is the future of the colonies in the universe: the project aims to expand on the surface of Mars and then move to other planets in an unstoppable force towards the infinite.