The REDscape project can be divided into three phases that I decided to call: Start ,stand and stay. START is the Arrival with all the elements needed to put the bases. Here Mars depends on the earth, 3D printed and prefabricated housing are implanted to guarantee the others. The stand phase means standing up resisting from all that is difficulties of this place only few chosen courageous dreamers will be part of competent people who know how to go to bring life in an inhospitable place. It will happens underground and prepare life outside. Stand means resisting standing find solutions to create sustenance. Laboratories will take care of the water of the minerals of the biology of energy . Are the solar panels enough of do we need wind turbine? Can the rocket be transformed in wind turbine? Can we create resistant glass? Transparency is all in this phase find a way that allows you to stay safe and the same time you can watch the horizon of this new planet.