An action to Renascence.

100 years from now, when population has reached an unbelievable number, we only have two options—to kill off some or to migrate some to a new planet. Being humane, let’s opt to migrate. Mars, the closest planet to Earth with its unique properties, will be our solution.

Prisoners, having violated all rights of our society and are locked up as a punishment, are constantly under social pressure, will be the first ones to settle on Mars. They require the space and pressure-free environment to change, both physically and mentally. While serving their sentence, they will be there to help uncover this new land and make the planet more habitable.

We now propose to give our first Martians a more humane living environment without compromising the needed surveillance a prison should have.

Similar to typical video games, prisoners will be separated into categories and living in different floors according to the seriousness of their offences. The motivation will be one day being able to get back to earth or continue to live on Mars as a free citizen. The lighter the offence the closure to the planet surface they are. Offenders will also be able to climb up the hierarchy through changing themselves for the better. The higher up the hierarchy the more freedom they will be given, they will also be able to live their life much like a normal civilian.