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A Planetarium is a space dedicated to the education of the stars, constellations, and planets. This design not only encourages the exploration of the cosmos far away but also discovery of the most critical to our lives: the Earth. Taking the typical dome and creating an occupiable sphere as the projection room, allows for a fully immersive experience. Whether, the projections show the vast reaches of space or the depths of the ocean, the projection room will inspire a love of discovery and learning for people of all ages through breathtaking, firsthand observation. Supplementing the projection room, the planetarium also has an educational center, containing a library and multipurpose rooms, and exhibition space. These additional programmatic spaces are layered underneath the ground surface, expressing the dive into the Earth as one circulates through the building. Located outside of Reykjavik, Iceland, the site of the planetarium is dynamic and unique. The dome of the planetarium contrasts against the rocky and hilly terrain, while light-wells within the interior wall chases utilize the large amounts of daylight to bring natural light down to the underground spaces.