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For generations, mankind have been dazzled by what lies beyond the reach of planet Earth, our dreams of humans existing multi-planetary becoming a possibility have driven our generation to explore & display our creative imagination of life on Mars.

The Martian Spinning Society focuses on providing future earthlings to call Mars their home through two key design agendas; underground life & exploration.

The proposal of a permanent settlement underground, consisting of 100 inhabitants, would shelter humans from dangerous cosmic rays & solar radiation in Mars for a long-term, and perhaps an everlasting civilisation. The bubbles sitting on the land marks the territory of human habitat on Mars, with some placed permanently & some movable for human exploration on the surface of Mars. The movable bubbles work as an exploration & camping space, whereas the stationary bubbles function as a leisure or work space for views of the planet above the ground in an air-controlled environment & radiation protection through 3D printed polyethylene plastic that be produced from components in the Martian soil. Below the bubble areas lies a forest zone, allowing those in the bubbles to look down into a forest, where people can lose themselves within the trees. With a design in mind for the human body, artificial gravity is implemented towards the central structure underground to prevent physically straining human movement throughout their daily lives on Mars. The central structure, labelled the ‘Spinning Society’ is based on a cylindrical form with three work & live layers that offset within each other. The cylinder constantly rotates to create a centrifugal force which provides the artificial gravity in the living & working zones. This rotating system can be generated by nuclear power. Through a psychological design view, adjusting to life on Mars can be mentally harmful as the environment is vastly different form that of Earth’s, causing a negative effect on the mind in the long run. In response to this situation, the structure integrates a water view that displays a peaceful visual effect, as well as reminder of life on Earth, presenting a blue sky of water reflection when looking up, the water in this view also performs as stored water for use throughout the community. Water on Mars is extracted from ice deposits deep underground. The deepest zone of the society is the agricultural zone, sustaining & enhancing life on Mars. The clear glass separating the live work zone to the agricultural zone provides for people to view the farm & activities happening in the nature designed environment.