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Our sky is an infinite source of inspiration and observation. On this planet there is a one special place where the sky reflects like a perfect mirror and creates an image almost without boundaries. In this regard we like to call that place Salar de Uyuni, located in South America and it is the largest salt desert, with a thick crust covered by a thin layer of water, where you can walk on, dream on and by which you can study the sky. Our planetarium proposal is a simple concept: a half sphere, completed to perfection by its reflexion, standing in pure air and becoming a salt planet in the galaxy.

The ground floor is an open plan which contains the welcoming area; the areas with vr technology that provides all the information needed about the Universe and, highly spectacular, interactive and experience-based, the cloud installation, which floates above and along the ramp that links the ground floor to the lower areas. The cloud becomes a perfect background for projections and holograms and its constant movement and transformation recreates the feeling that you are floating in the infinity.

The salt crust of the site also offers the possibility of a salt cave, an underground organic space, completely different from the higher areas. Here, the protagonist is invited to explore the corridors, feel the material, temperature, and the humidity, play with the dimmer of the light and breathe the air . The corridors not only links the ramp to the small courtyards that
follow the round shape of the volume, but also creates small alveolus for different functions. Since ancient times it has been observed that exposure to salt aerosols is healing and maintaining the health of the airways and strengthens the immune system.
Here, all is reduced to one purpose: feeling the infinity without the help of technology, but with the natural resources: light, water and air.