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Project statement

Because of the underdevelopment of science and technology, astronomical stars for the previous people, always with a layer of mysterious veil, due to the lack of knowledge, often the ancients caring a awe-inspiring heart to nderstand the stars in the sky, futher more,the space of worship is hidden inside the style of the architectural shape.For example, the pyramids’ triangular shape directly point to the sky or the arched roofs that are different from common.

Base on the path of the solar system star track, we design the appearance of the prototype building and set the site on 2037 Steese Hwy,Fairbanks, Alaska,U.S.A. it’s unusual occurrences the prevalence of the aurora borealis,which are visible on average more than 200 days per year in the vicinity of Fairbanks.Lettimg the visitors experience the exploration of outer space by following the design of the path in the future of the planetarium. Although we are on the earth,to experience the mysteries of the universe .

Concept – Covered

At the beginning , we discuss how to let the visitors more clearly experience and learn all the knowledge of the planetarium as a starting point . And our conclusion is: realism. Because only when people truly experience the space like universe ,they be able to move with identity. And in order to really experience the stars, we focus on how to create a surrounding space as our space design basis. For example , we replace the general wall to curve well to broaden the visitors horizons; or glass sphere’s type experiencing theater, light through the glass, water, a variety of media refraction or scattering, so that the viewer has the feeling of being surrounded by stars.

In order to achieve the surrounding space, we designed a horn-like tube on the roof to collect the moonlight and aurora at night. Through the wall of the mirror to reflect the light into the inside room, so that visitors can also experience the starry sky in the room, and even more truly feel the sky which above our head, also gain knowledge at the same time.

Path Design

Different from the general, we put the planetarium underground . The entrance design is lower than the ground plane, in order to arouse the expectations of the mentor, so that they are about to enter a different atmosphere of the psychological preparation. Slowly follow the path going down while imagining themselves step by step to explore the universe, and slowly walked to the ground floor, but also on behalf of the end of the journey.