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The Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite. It is where humans took our first interplanetary steps and it now stands as a piece of our history. Though the moon is conveniently close to the Earth, the moon is not currently equipped to handle long term human habitation. As humanity continues to investigate the potential for permanent colonization on other worlds in our solar system, the Aerosphere is designed to allow short term trips for the average Earthling to escape daily stress and to experience all the views and activities the Moon has to offer. The suggested temporary solitary living provides an avenue for reflection of life on Earth and of the universe.

The Aerosphere’s soft spherical structure provides optimal comfort and mobility while providing at its interior the entire life support system needed for a comfortable trip lasting the duration of one lunar daylight. The shell is transparent to allow for optimal viewing of the landscape and the Earth, but can become opaque when privacy is needed. The Aerosphere also provides a suit as an extension of the sphere, allowing lunar exploration with a safe and secure link to the life support system at all times.

The lunar explorer will have the option of one of four grand tours on the Moon: the Escape Tour, the Gravity Tour, the Apollo Historical Tour, and the Mixed Tour. The Aerosphere is designed to provide activities suited to each tour. The tour begins at its scheduled location on Earth as the outer helium shell provides lift to the stratosphere. Upon magnetic lock with the electromagnetic ring system, the Aerosphere sheds its outer helium shell and begins its guided acceleration towards the Moon. At approach, the rings trigger deceleration and the Aerosphere lands gently on a large sac of gas. The landing provides enough momentum to launch another Aerosphere into orbit, where the orbital scoop is repositioned to guide lunar departure through the electromagnetic ring system.

The entire two week guided experience is designed to provide new perspective to the average Earthling.