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Our project “The Bowl of Stars” is a trip through the sky full of stars, meteorites and wormholes.

The general structure of the complex is based on the scheme of the Lagrange Points. There are four points in this structure where the forces of gravitation create a unique condition for objects. So there are two general architectural centers of the complex placed around the Bowl, surrounded with the climatically zones with diverse plants. Placed in the land and having a great diameter it seems like being full of stars when there is a projection of the night sky. Climatic zones around the bowl are a real attractive park for visitors.

They have an opportunity  to plunge into the night sky and to have a walk among the  night stars. There are even a places to take a seat into the bowl so that they can have some rest and observe this amazing picture.

At the same time while some visitors are walking among the stars on the bottom of the bowl the other can have an endless journey at the top edge of it. Circular motion is giving a great visibility and perspective. Clear geometrical forms are made of the concrete and having no decorative details which can interrupt the communication with the night stars into the bowl. The only thing that emphasize this atmosphere is exquisite light installations made of black metal. All this light spots can change the color and create some composition to support the colors of the sky.

A disk in the bowl is a part of the sun clock that visually show the way of our planet around the Sun. It is connected with the climatically zones around the bowl, with special conditions for different plants. The plane before this disk is a place for real miracle. A luminous point is drawing a symbol of infinity – the eight on this plane making a great show of the sky mechanics.

An exhibition and educational zone under the ground is situated on one of the Lagrange points. On the surface of the ground there is something like a well with the blue ball – a symbol of the planet Earth. A few wells are situated near it. They are like a funnels through the ground that protract the sky into the space of this zone.

Lighting dynamic installation on one of the walls show the way of the Sun and the Planets of the Solar System. All space is filled with some artifacts and showpieces that explain the structure of the outer space.

Passing through the exhibition from one hall to another visitors are having a trip through the wormholes because there are funnels made of soft rubber between all halls.

An air balloon on the other Lagrange point is giving an opportunity for the disk into the bowl to have it position with the help of the system of cables. It is also a climate station that collects an information about Earth.