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since 1959 the human race begin the
exploration of the moon. at an average of 384.000 kilometers it needed
3 days to get there and 3 to go back
and they soon discovered moon was nothing like earth.
…no atmosphere, no magnetosphere:
the buttered face of the moon whitness a harsh environment
where asteroids (even of small size) tempest the surface constantly and
the strenght of solar wind is much stronger…
but that was expected, the surprise was to observe on the north pole
mountains that always received light, and deep in the craters ice…
at firs they tried with modular
structure, but the mission had bad
luck, for every little asteroid would
harm the fragile human environment:
it was a disaster.
the idea under the pressure of
public opinion was about to be
…but then… an
observing the termites
nests had an idea:
termites are like an
alien speciment living
on earth, in fact
they prefer carbon
dioxide atmosphere
and high humidity
environment; their
nest is isolated from
the outside and
managed even in the
most dry environment
to mantain the colony
but there was a problem
regarding humans: they
were not fit for lunar
environment, so it was
decided to use drones: in fact
they don’t need food, air or
a certain temperature level
to operate; plus they would
last hundreds of years…
so a new generation of self sufficient drones was
created: they would be called the terraformant.
a sophisticated artificial intelligence would
coordinate the work of the three “miners” drones.
the engeneer drone capable of
repairing and coordinationg the
the constructor miner
drone design to select
materials and build stone
…and the most impressive, the
drill drone, built to excavate the
tunnels and domes of the “human
plans were made, humans
and drones designed a new
vector to bring the drones
to the moon, four points
were picked that would
become the harbours of the
and after some years the drones were sent to the moon surface:
they would work for a hndred years without interruptions thanks
to the new generation nuclear reactors…
and finally the terraformant
managed to finish the first
step of the settlement: the
surface outpost .
carved into the solid rock with a sequence
of tunnels and domes it looked like a giant
ant nest.
the domes created by the
drones were then completed,
and soon they were ready to
host hundreds of humans and
thousand s plants…
during the years humans and
drones figure out a way to make this
underground domes suitable for life,
and grow plant in underground farms;
soon oxigen was produced by plants,
while humans would provide carbon
dioxide for them.
energy would come from a combination
of new generation solar panels and
solar kytes, temperature would be kept
constant by the use of lunar-termical