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Agrariasylum lunar base design relies on agriculturing on the moon as the result of agriculture is the root of out civilization on earth since Neolithic Era. Researcher Wiemer Wamelink inspected the plant growth on moon soil simulant in a research facility at the university in Wageningen and the result is it is possible when there is water. However moon soil may contain heavy metals that are harmless to plants but could prove deadly to humans. Growing other plant species such as violets, which absorb the poisons from moon soil, can be solution for this.

The base is a basic shelter (asylum) for the first humans ever on the moon as first living out of earth ever. Design is inspired from biomimicry as taking turtle and armadillo shell example. This design would not be able to completed if there were not some news in material science.
Hemisphere is considered as one of the most stabile frame under several loads. This frame aims to deliver solution against meteroid impacts.

Composite Metal Foam (CFM) used to create this outer shell which it is called as ‘exoskeleton’ in the language of this design. CFM material stops bullet at a total thickness of less than an inch (8 mm thickness)

Inner shell is made of Carbyne & Solar Panel Sheet. Carbyene is a one-dimensional form of carbon and is thought to be twice as stiff as graphene. If needs to be compared, a sheet of graphene as thin as cling film can support an elephant.

Inner shell has 4 roles here :
1. To support exoskeleton connected from top point which is the weakest place of a hemisphere form.
2. Creates a hollow for thermal isolation. This hollow has the usage of entrance (airlock) and modular connection function.
3. Its transparent speciality creates visual connection between outside and inside of asylum.
4. Solar panels produce energy during the day when the panels on exoskeleton are opened.

Agricultural garden. This third layer is made of microlattice which is the lightest metal ever discovered recently. Microlattice metal lighter than aerogel and aerographite. As another property, it is shock absorber. But the most amazing characteristic of it is, this material carries 1000 times more of its weight without being damaged.

In short, agricultural garden frame, which is made of microlattice metal, creates endoskeleton of the base in the design language as mentioned in posters.